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30th-Oct-2007 10:15 pm - makes me kind of nervous to say so
panda love


I think I'm in love....
... but it makes me kind of nervous to say so...

Halloween! How wonderful! 
I hope everyone is well, I know that I am. ^_^ Happy Halloween, enjoy your spooky day and make sure to watch atleast one scary movie.

I'm getting a hamster tomorrow <3

8th-Oct-2007 10:43 am - can't rationalize it
green butterflies

I suddenly can understand where Bella is coming from... sort of. She wanted so badly to have a claim over Jacob because she loves him and wants him to constantly be around her. I can identify with that. I can not rationalize my feelings right now, all I know is that my heart says I love him but my mind is trying to tell me no. I just want him to be around and I want some sort of claim on him so that he could be mine. 
I don't understand this. I finally told one of my friends and she simply said "I guessed so". I can't tell anyone else. I have this horrible feeling that once again nothing will come out of this. Nothing except me having a confused heart. 

Horoscope for me today:
             "But don't blindly accept what others are saying, for your over-confidence will build over the next few days."

14th-Sep-2007 08:08 pm - aiyo!
wu chun_aaron
 Eh? *looks around* I am home and... what's this? I have time to post? Must be a friday night. Aiyo! This week has been a painful one! It has been nothing but school -> work -> school -> work. Try working 4-cl, go home do homework at 12, maybe fall asleep at 2 then be up at 7 to do the entire day over again. This past day was the hardest one. I worked 4-cl then opened! *flops head onto keyboard*  The only thing that provides an escape for me from this worry... DRAMAS.
*idea stolen from a post made a while ago on a forum I belong to... the watching, love, waiting list*

love   - It Started With a Kiss, Hana Kimi (tw NOT jp), Coffee Prince
watching   - Devil Beside You, Princess Hours, The Rose
desperate for  - Romantic Princess, Hana Kimi 2, ISWAK 2

Hesitant  - X Family 0_o

In other news, classes are going okay. I feel that we are moving at too slow a pace though. It's frustrating that it's not as challenging as I had hoped for. My senior year was much more academically demanding than this one. Anthropology club had a meeting wednesday. Almost everyone in it looks as if they have stumbled into the classroom from the 90's. No kidding. I have friggen Indiana Jones, a girl with 80's hair and pants way too high (on both ends) and a guy wearing one of those bright neon sports jackets we use to sport in kindergarten. I'm a tad frightened. So, the big decision these past days has come down to one thing---
Thailand in January 
China in May

Right now ... I am ... leaning towards ... China.
Of course, where we really want to go is Taiwan, but that means we would go alone. The only way I will be going to another country is with my supervisor. Did I mention with the China choice... it includes Japan?!

8th-Sep-2007 06:15 pm - car accident
I believe in fortune cookies

 I knew things were going too well for me. Today, my father had to drive me to work with my car because his truck was in the shop. On the way, we went down a side street to take a short cut. We came down the road and there was a BMW SUV stopped in the middle of the road with no signal light or anything on. I turned to look at my dad and he looked at me, we both said "What's this guy doing" and before the sentence was even out the guy floored it in reverse and smashed into us. There was just no time for my dad to put in reverse... no time to even think about moving... it was so fast. And we were sitting well over a car length's distance away from the guy's car. Poor guy was a little over 4ft and korean, couldn't speak much english and was just about as upset as I was. He took full blame and offered to pay for everything, which he is. It was completely his fault. Now, my car is going to be scraped and I now comes the hunt for a car I can afford. I really miss my car now. 
Luckily my father, myself and Mr. Wong are all okay... no bad injuries except my father and I have sore necks and shoulders from tensing up. 

7th-Sep-2007 11:43 am - the rush
panda love
               School. Bleh. Everyone else is sad and a little peevy that they have to be going back but I am so happy. Even though I had to sit through 3 (yes, three) two hour lectures in a row yesterday, THEN go to work and close with only three people (that's very bad, I was running around like a mad woman!). I am happy. College is in ways similar to high school and in others, nothing like it. My first day, people were sitting on the rocks playing guitars and singing. In the lounge, we had a live performer (played very well) and kids were sitting on the comfy couches watching the Collbert Report on the big screen. *laughs* 
My math and english classes are playing 'review' which, in english is beyond boring and in math, a life saver. Anthropolgy seems like it will be my favorite class, even though there are so many kids in it and he isn't bothering to learn our names, the subject sounds great. I am also joining the ANT club... which... *screeches*... well, let me wait to tell you about that. I am a little worried my Dad will have a hard time with this one.
**hint* I will need my passport, and more than a couple pages will be used** 
I am a little worried though, about this working seven hours after three two hour lectures and the hours upon hours of homework I am going to have. Hopefully I can juggle it all, I am hoping that I will not be such a procrastinator like I was in highschool... but I am so determined to prove to everyone that I am smart. *nods* Plus, I need the money. Text book prices are RIDICULOUS!! *misses the free highschool text books*
Well, I am off. My friends and I are going to the highschool to see our teachers (fridays I have no classes :) 
1st-Sep-2007 10:53 am(no subject)
green butterflies
Finished Coffee Prince... I loved it, such an adorable drama.  Still waiting to finish my beloved Princess Hours, but it's harder than you think to find the episodes. 
So what have I been doing lately?
. Work. Work.
It's worth it, I make good money and I make everyone at work laugh, which I think reduces alot of the stress. They are going to be extremely flexible with my scheduele around my classes. Speaking of, I am all jittery about the start of school. My first day, I go in at 2 and get out at nearly 4. That's it. I am all excited for this new school but I kind of think I will miss highschool... wait... *thinks about it*... NOPE! Definitely won't miss it! *smiles*
Princess Hours
A Midsummer Night's Dream.
As you may have heard from an interview with Stephenie Meyer- she said the fourth book will be like Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I haven't yet read that one yet so I went over to my Monekeh's house (strictly for research purposes only *laughs*) It was hilarious and very adorable. So I've compiled a list of points I think Stephenie might grab from
- Woman is arranged to marry one man but is in love with someone else. Father won't allow her to marry who she loves.
- Fairy lord accidentally makes the two men fall in love with a woman they didn't love before. Fairy lord sets it all straight.
- The three couples marry and all is happy.

So excluding a fairy lord, a traveling group of actors and being found naked by a hunting party I think the only thing I gathered was that it will just be more Bella "I love Edward but I love Jacob"  angst ___ 
While searching for icons for Hana Kimi, I stumbled onto a set of icons for a show called Goong or Princess Hours . I fell in love with it right away, it is an adorable, romantic comedy. The only bad part is that MU is being a pain so I have to wait so long for more episodes. 
2 Days Off from Work
22nd-Aug-2007 05:16 pm - unwritten...
I believe in fortune cookies
Are there no good writing forums on-line? I can't seem to find one the suits me. Writing.com is okay, you get reviews but you have to PAY to submit stories. Any other writing forums I look for are strange. Filled with old men and frumpy house-wives. All I want is a place to share writings, talk about books and read other's writings. *frustrated scowl*
Just wanted to vent.

Asked friend who works at movie theatre why Becoming Jane isn't coming to our theatre. "Because, they think it won't bring in any customers"... hmph.
I believe in fortune cookies
I'm taking back all the thoughts I had over New Moon and Eclipse. I FINALLY figured out why I was so unhappy with both. Jacob Black. I love him. I really do, and I have finally come to admit that I really love him. I think, because Edward is just so perfect that I didn't want to say "I love Jacob" because, then, it felt like I was choosing him over Edward. For awhile now it's been "I'm with the vampires" and " I run with wolves" and I've been teetering in the middle. I can't choose. But I can choose for Bella. For Bella, it's Jacob. All the way. I'm just angry because I know Bella will end up with Edward... he deserves to have Bella, and she belongs with him. I'm know that is how this story will end. I know it because how else could it end? Could you honestly see Stephenie writing "And so, Bella dumped the perfect. gorgeous vampire of her dreams and married Jacob Black"... No. I'm sad because I know this and I so badly want Jacob to be happy. He deserves happiness just as Edward does. There's only one Bella (thankfully). 

I know, this is pointless but I just have to get out my feelings for this book. I've invested too much time and too much love to not think these things through.

Any thoughts?

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